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4 Places in Home Where You Must Try Glass Door Handles for Best Look

27 FEB 2015

The craze for modern decor has changed the complete look of home interior and office interior. From the traditional wooden furniture and round knobs, all the things are replaced by the modern home decor accessories. Naturally, you must also be craving to flaunt the modern home interior accessories in your home. There are many ways you can do it; by replacing your old cabinet handles, drawer pull knobs, main door handles, etc. and installing new handles like mortise handles, glass door handles, etc.




Let us discuss one of the newest ways of giving your home your office the modern touch. Consider replacing your old wooden doors with the glass doors and installing highly stylish Glass Door Handles on the glass doors. What is the advantage of glass doors? It is advantageous in both homes and offices. If you have cluttered space in home; installing glass doors will give you the feeling of space as they are transparent. It gives unified look in the offices as well. You may wonder where you can use the glass doors and glass door handles? Let us have a look at all the possibilities of your home and office where you can use the concept of glass door handles in modern decor.


The terrace/balcony of your home – In the cluttered space of homes and apartments, the balcony is rarely available. If you have one, change the wooden doors to glass doors. Not only you will get the view of outer world, you will also make your balcony as extension of sitting area, accommodating more people. The highly stylish metal glass door handles will be the best suitable door handles for you.


The backyard doors – If you are staying in the lovely little bungalow, replace your backyard wooden striped door with the glass door and select artistic glass door handle. By doing so, you will lift the look of your home interior and add a modern decor theme to your home.


The bathroom – Who does not want a modern design bathroom? The traditional combined bathroom can be easily transformed to the modern artistic bathroom by putting the translucent glass doors accompanied with the user friendly gripping glass door handles.


Office cubicles – It might be very burdensome to go for pest control and other maintenance stuff of your office every now and then. Shun the wooden office furniture and go for the glass separated cubicles. Not only are they stylish but also spacious. You may use any glass door handles to support the cubicles.


If you are looking for more options to redefine your home, visit ‘Home Discovery Furniture Fittings’ an online store of Raj Steel. Make sure to browse through the range of glass door handles in the Door Handle Manufacturers website. In case of any query, you may fill up the inquiry form to get instant reply.

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